16 October 2001 - Version 1.53. Now data can be given on unequal grid spacing. Added: function RefreshData.

20 March 2001 - Version 1.52. Added: InterpContour mode, ColorLower, ColorHigher. The number of colors in a palette now from 2 up to 252.

6 February 2001 - Version 1.51. The gradient algorithm is corrected.

25 October 2000 - Version 1.50. The functions - PosLogToPosArr, PosArrToPosLog, ValueInPosLog are added. Now PColor works in MDI applications.

TPColor v1.53

TPColor - component made for visualization 2D arrays. Work in Delphi4 - Delphi5. Product area - visualization of scientific calculations.

Principle of operation:

The values of elements of the array define color used for their image. The smallest and largest elements are connected to first and last colors of a palette.


  • There are four modes of the image. First - 'flat' - each element is represented by a rectangular of the appropriate color. Second - 'interp' - each point has color by turning out interpolation of colors of four elements. Third - 'contour' - are draw isolines (section of the array by horizontal planes). Fourth - 'interpcontour' - isolines over interpolation of colors.

    flat interp contour interpcontour
  • Build-up of a numerical gradient for the array.

  • There are four palettes. First - 'line' - the user sets first and last colors, others turn out by linear interpolation. Second - 'spectr' (jet) - colors from blue up to red. Third - 'random' - random colors. Fourth - 'user' - user defines colors.
  • The array can be given on unequal grid spacing.
  • The number of colors in a palette can be changed. From 2 up to 252.
  • Program and mouse zoom.
  • Automatic and hand definition of smallest and largest values of elements of the array.
  • Saving of the image into a file and ClipBoard.
  • ComponentEditor.


Free for not commercial use.

Download source TPColor v1.53 (52K) for Delphi5,4